Mississippi's Civil War : A Narrative History

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Mississippi’s Civil War: A Narrative History begins by providing the account of the Nullification Crisis that took place in 1832. The crisis began as a dispute between the state of South Carolina and the federal government over a series of national tariffs that many of the southerners viewed as excessive. (6) The leader of the nullification movement in Mississippi was John Anthony Quitman. Quitman died in 1859 and Mississippi finally left the Union in 1861. (8) As a result of the Nullification crisis, the Mexican War took place. Many Mississippians volunteered to fight with much enthusiasm. After nearly two years of war, America won. (11) From 1840-1860 Mississippi’s population doubled to almost 800,000 residents and by 1860 Mississippi’s institutions were hopelessly entangled in the web of slavery. The cotton based agriculture increased the need for slaves and by the eve of the Civil War slaves represented 55 percent of the state’s total population. (12) Mississippi’s ordinance of secession officially took them out of the union in 1861 leading up to the Civil War. (32) The Civil War began in 1861 and left many white Mississippians in permanent mourning for lost loved ones. (3) The war hit close to home due to volunteer companies recruiting locally. Almost everyone knew someone fighting within the war. (41) As of 1861, the blood of Mississippians had not been spilled on Mississippi soil; however, that was about to be altered. (57) One of the first towns in Mississippi to be

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