Missy Gelner Case Study

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ast Friday Missy Gelner, from Springfield Missouri, was notified that Governor Eric Greitens had withdrawn her appointment to the Missouri Board of Education. According to the Springfield News-Leader, Ms. Gelner was appointed to the eight-member governing board in July. Gelner disagrees with the governor's decision to withdraw her appointment on the Board. In a statement, Ms. Gelner shared her frustrations with the governor's policy team, "I have seen very little effort from them (policy team) to collaborate with DESE to work on behalf of our public schools." She also stated, "I am concerned about the pressure I've recently experienced to make rash leadership decisions."

Gelner's predecessor, Peter Herschend, spoke highly of Gelner and said he believed her to be intellectually capable of doing the job and that she had a heart for the students of Missouri. Springfield Public Schools Superintendent John Jungman, added to the article, "if what Missy said is true regarding pressure, it would be very troubling." Gelner went on record to say she did vote for Greitens and she aligned with the Governor's position on education.
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The primary duty of the State Board of Education is to appoint the state's Commissioner of Education, who is currently Margie Vandeven. I can't help but notice the timing of all of this when the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education credibility is at stake. What does this all mean for public

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