Mistakes Don T Have To Be Setbacks: Article Analysis

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This article explores the psychological impact of setbacks along with how individuals can learn to overcome them mentally to continue forward in life. It brings to the attention of the reader how successful actors and athletes role with the punches and keep moving forward. Success is built on overcoming failure and not dwelling on it for too long. There are three main components of resilience discussed by Whitbourne (2017) in the article: high self-esteem, a tendency to attribute success to one’s personal qualities and failure to outside circumstances, and lower levels of perfectionism. Then the article goes in depth on how high esteem is viewing yourself positively, how attribution is effected by optimistic or pessimistic explanatory styles,…show more content…
I think that this is a very important topic to understand to allow everyone to live his or her life with less stress. Resilience is an important skill that children need to be taught at a young age. I think that parents in our society need to understand; mistakes do not have to be setback. In the United States, know parents are overly competitive with their children. Every child is expected to be the best athlete, student, etc. The problem is that a large majority of children do not realize that to become the best they must fail and overcome obstacles. The over competitive atmosphere makes children feel inferior leading them to quit and not attempt to improve. I think that if more parents taught that, failure is a part of success, there would be more confident, driven, and accomplished people. I think that this would also limit the development of psychological disorders that develop from self-image or self-worth. I think that resilience is also important because of all of the social media used today. Everyone is trying to portray they have the best life. Adolescence need to develop a deeper understanding of self-worth making them realize to keep moving forward and not get stuck on the little things. Resilience is important in all parts of life and needs to be more directly taught to all…show more content…
I chose this article because sometime I have the problem of overthinking things and dwelling on mistakes. I think that it affected me more when I was younger because I hated failing and did not take as many chances. I think that if I was more directly taught that failure is a part of success I would have been a more confident child and been better at sports, school, and other interactions. I was always very self-conscious. Developing a higher self-esteem, a tendency to attribute success to one’s personal qualities and failure to outside circumstances, and lower levels of perfectionism would have made me more self-confident. This article made me realize that I still need to work on some parts of resilience to be a more successful person academically, socially, physically and philosophically. I think that resilience affects all facets of your life and if you learn how to overcome problems, you become a better version of yourself. I think college offers a great platform for students to build and test their resilience. Dealing with failure is a very important part of what type of person you are. I think that resilience has more of an impact on how individuals go through life rather than smarts or money. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that
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