Mistakes Made By Thomas Analysis

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Making mistakes is one of the most essential things of human life. Everybody makes mistakes whether it be during work, school, or even at home. Lewis Thomas emphasizes the fact that everybody does make mistakes, but it’s the step the person takes after they make the mistake that is crucial.
In the very beginning of the essay, Thomas indicates,“Mistakes are at the very base of human thought, embedded there, feeding the structure like root nodules.” As people know, plants need nitrogen for successful growth. Root nodules enable nitrogen‐fixing bacteria to convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form that is available for plant growth. Root nodules are essential for the proper growth of a plant just as mistakes are essential for the proper growth
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People think that the less mistakes a person makes, the better off they are, which isn’t true at all. But people don't understand that that is the only way we learn. After a test, some teachers give the tests back to the students so they can see what they got wrong. When they see what they got wrong, they can figure out what they got wrong and they can focus on improving their knowledge on that topic. If students never see the test, they will never know what they got right or wrong so they might go on thinking something is right when it really isn’t. My AP US history teacher, Mr. Tubbs makes all the students do a succinct test analysis after every test. The test analysis is supposed to consist of things you did to study for the previous test, reflection on your t4est scores, and study habits you'll improve or add so you can do better on the upcoming test. Admitting your mistakes is the first step to improvement. The next step is focusing on how to not make that mistake again. If we never made mistakes, we wouldn’t be able to
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