Mistakes Ruining A Discovery

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Can you mess something up and make a great discovery? Mistakes can ruin a discovery and mess it up for everyone. Mistakes are not a key to making a discovery because it can cost when a mistake is made and a mistake does not define a discovery.
It has been argued that, Mistakes are key to making discoveries because you can end up finding more than you expect. You can discover something on accident that can lead to greatness. According to the Utah State of Education “Standing near the Magnetron one day while it was on, Spencer noticed the bar of chocolate in his pocket had melted. He had a moment of realization. He asked for popcorn kernels, and put them near the heat. Minutes later, the man we can thank for microwave popcorn had a discovery on his hands.” This supports my claim because spencer had left a candy bar in his pocket that melted on accident but that lead to a lifetime discovery. People all around the world microwave popcorn. …show more content…

“It took almost 20 years after the “melted chocolate moment” to bring a commercial microwave to the public. The equally important process after discovery is also ignored. Scientist need to test their ideas with care and make as few mistakes as possible” (Sanchez). This supports my claim because its saying how you can't just make a discovery with one mistake it took a while to process and be able to confirm the discovery.According to Thomas Edison “inventing was 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. The typical role of a mistake in science is not a brilliant invention, but to teach a scientist to do better next time.” This also supports my claim because mistakes do not lead to a discovery there is a lot more to decide if it is a worthy

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