Mistakes Short Story

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Everyone makes mistakes and most people learn from them. Some mistakes that we make either make us better or makes us worser. I have made so many mistakes and i have also lives a crazy 17 years. I was always moving from place to place with different people all the time, I never had a stable home or a stable school. when i was 15 years old i made one of the biggest mistakes that i ever made. When i was 15 years old we finally settled in a house that we lived in for almost a year. i was a sophomore in high school at that moment. I was going to a high school at that moment. I was going to a high school that had a really bad reputation but i had no other choice. I was always a straight A student and was always attending classes and school. Until…show more content…
By the time i knew it i was being tackled down and handcuffed, the cops called my mom and told her she had 10 minutes to pick me up before they took me in. It took my mom at least 6 minutes to get there. When my mom got there they were already putting me in the system. I kept apologizing to everyonje including the police but they wernt convinced but they eventually let me go. That was one of the worse days of my life. When i got released i thought it was gonna be over there but i was wrong,my punishment didnt end there. When i got home all my things were packed and thats when my mom told me that she was sending me away to mexico for a couple of months. I didnt like mexico because i didnt have the things that i hate over her like a tv or a cell phone. I had so many responsibilities in mexico i can say i got more mature after that. I learned so much from that expierience, i learned to never tru=ust people who arent even doing good in their own life. I also learned to never take advantage or all the good people and things you have in life. I look at life and the things in my life way different now. I think twice or even three times about what i'm going to
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