Mistine Case

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Mistine: Direct Selling in the Thai Cosmetics Market Question 1: What are the major SWOT considerations in Mistine’s attempt to continue its growth and dominance in the Thai Market? Strengths | Weakness | Opportunity | Threat | Being leader in the Thai market | High turnover rate among salespeople | Growth of direct selling market | Many powerful competitors | Wide product range | Female-oriented brand image | Good relationship with neighbors | Political situations in the countries where the company does business | Customer satisfaction | Thinks as lower-income product | | Length of the selling period | Product testing | In terms of strengths, the company has the advantage of being the market leader, although…show more content…
Question 2: How can Better Way stay on the top in Thailand while it looks to expand internationally? This is a big deal actually, going internationally and being the market leader in the home country at the same time. They have adopted a great strategy and supported it with advertisements. For Asian market focusing on Asian women, their skin and face characteristics and also they have analyzed the climate carefully and designed products accordingly so that they won’t go down early. Also keeping low prices for Asian market can be important, due to economic conditions and customer preferences, since they are price sensitive. So, keeping those in mind the company can adopt a localization strategy in international markets; in every market that they have entered they may produce products just like they did to Asian people. Furthermore, lower prices can show products less qualified in international markets, especially in Europe and America, for those markets the company can came up with an alternative product line that is more niche. Question 3: What specific market initiatives would you recommend over the next five years? Just like it is told in the case, word of mouth is the most classical marketing tool for direct selling. But the company took a risk and get in the TV advertising business, which had great conclusions for them. So I believe that they should definitely keep going with TV ads since the
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