Mistine Case Study Essay

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Mistine: A Case Study

Mary Jo Barbato
Globe University

March 5, 2010

Mistine is poised for success in its attempt to continue as Thailand’s front runner in the direct-selling cosmetics industry. Being number one in a small group of competitors is a precarious, but beneficial position. As leader, Mistine will continue to be in control of its own destiny. The current levels of market share and growth are theirs to lose. Their quality commitment and customer satisfaction guarantee make them a rival for any competition. It’s interesting to note that this level of “value-for-money” is a core aspect of Mistine’s corporate culture, and has been since the beginning. With a 70 percent brand recognition rating, Mistine
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Many may find that they need to search out a sales agent rather than having a consistent visit from the same one. If a customer has to work to place an order they may be more prone to use a competitor’s website, retail store or welcome the pitch of one of their sales representatives.
U*Star appeared on the market and skyrocketed to their current position. This rapid growth, much like that of Mistine, is of great concern to an industry leader. They must be aware of U*Star’s potential threat. This means they will need to watch and learn from their competition. All three of the major players; U*Star, Avon and Amway offer a diverse product line. With customers looking for more one-stop shopping, these options are very attractive. These competitors also manage very successful e-commerce sites and use technology to help boost sales and customer satisfaction.
Better Way, the parent company of the Mistine brand will need to be strategic in its plan to expand internationally while maintaining its presence and leadership in Thailand. Building on its reputation as a high-quality, value-priced company, Better Way must retain that position during expansion. This means they will need to be deliberate in their ventures to new markets. Careful research and selection of targeted locations will be key elements to success. They must identify what type of a company they want to be. They currently offer products designed specifically for Asians
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