Mistress of Spice by Divakaruni

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Divakaruni's the author in the story “Mistress of Spice” used different traits and powers to characterize the spices, the spices would come to life and portray themselves as a person. Each spices names represents a different type of power that assist Tilo customers, who suffer from different aliment. The author uses personification to depict each spices qualities and attitude in the book. With each character in terms of spices, come different magical powers that empower Tilo’s. The names of the characters originated from the Indian language, each name uniquely define a character quality. In conclusion, the author characterizing the spices allows the reader to emphasize the spices empowerment and important role they play throughout story. Each spices names represents a different type of power that assist Tilo customer who suffer from different aliment. Through the Mistress character, it becomes obvious that the Tilo’s ability to name a spice and to call upon it grants her control over its powers and its very existence. Each spice rests as an object, but once the Mistress awakens it through a multiplicity of names, the spice undergoes a transformation. For instance, the poppy seed transform from a lifeless "grain" to "khus khus," a name filled with exotic syllables and noise interpreted as a coming to life. Prior to the Mistress reaching out to the seed physically and speaks to it, she notes the poppy by the common English name, a tedious factual piece. Nevertheless, to gain
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