Misunderstand Of Creationism: Origin

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Creationism-misunderstand of life purpose origin
I feel doubtful with Creationist’s view. The reason is we do not know what is the specific path that god give us. Once set a purpose of life, There no method to certify this is the meaning it gives me. Also, Creationism is depending on god. It is not suitable for a human life which is dependent to something. Nietzsche state “God is dead”. One of the reasons is he has a belief of human can have a meaningful life without any religions. It is also my standpoint. Baggini show that if we just follow the purpose that god offer us, the meaning is for creator. It is danger to people who is creationism since they are being here for god only. Creationism try to use “free will” to explain god’s power. Can

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