Misunderstood Word Bomb Essay

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Ever heard about the misunderstood word bomb, the bomb that destroyed friendships, trust and destroyed me with some simple misunderstood words? Well I have and I was the inventor, but before I get into how this got created we need some background on the situation. Jessica was my best friend in seventh grade and eighth grade. We had so much in common we both lost loved ones in tragic ways, we wanted to be so much more and help others. We were inseparable until a boy came between us it is not a typical girl fight over a boy. I simply felt that she could do better. He was no good for her but I guess that was only my opinion. They soon broke up and I could not be happier because she did not have to deal with him anymore and I spread my happiness with my other “friends” but my words were misunderstood and the bomb exploded. My mother always told me to mind my own business when asked about others situations, I never paid attention to that and I learned that the hard way. Due to a misunderstanding of words about my friend’s ex-boyfriend I lost friends, trust and myself. Remember that…show more content…
I did not intend for my friends to leave but that happened so this was a huge failure. Due to this misunderstanding Jessica and me almost got into a brawl and just like any typical girl fight, it was going to be over a boy. She had thought I was into her ex-boyfriend because I had said I was happy it ended. Jessica had misunderstood it just like my other friends. I had meant it in a way that he couldn't hurt her anymore and I was happy because of that not because I liked him. Those friends I trusted told her what I said but with a twist that made her think that I was a fake friend for liking her boyfriend. My tone was confusing and made it seem as though I was happy that it ended so that I could be with
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