Misuse of Religion

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December 14th, 2006 "And an old priest said, Speak to us of Religion, And he said: Have I spoken this day of aught else? Is not religion all deeds and all reflection, And that which is neither deed nor reflection, but a wonder and surprise ever springing in the soul, even while the hands hew the stone of tend the loom? Who can separate his faith from his action, or his belief from his occupations? Who can spread his hours before him, saying, 'This for God and this for myself; This for my soul, and this other for my body? '"

--Kahlil Gibran

As our civilization reaches its peak, it 's obvious that it was created to destroy itself. Our past is the biggest proof of this theory.
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They therefore sacrificed beautiful virgins to the various gods. Did it work? They thought that it did. If they didn 't, they wouldn 't have continued doing it for so long. This was sunrise of our civilization, but still, it was a brutal way of implementing an old kind of religion. Many years later, the general public opinion is that we have overcome this barbarism, but have we? Later, when Christianity came along, it was still assumed that God was "up there" in Heaven. Christianity was new religion, and in time, it was accepted by most of the people in the Old World. Christianity became a very powerful and very important aspect of everyday life. Moreover, Christians turned the church into a powerful political, economic and social institution. The church had the power to rule the mob, to collect taxes and to make law in the name of God. Furthermore, they gave the pope full veto authority over all decisions of the church council, so the council became men of straw. In one word, they became puppets. All powerful institutions always have opponents. It was just matter of time. To protect the church 's interests, all people who didn 't obey the rules or didn 't pay taxes were prosecuted. For this reason, member of the Roman Catholic Church made a tribunal, called the Inquisition, for the discovery and punishment of heretics. They punished all non-believers and scholars who made controversial progress in science. Most of those people were innocent, but

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