Misusing Technology Will Lead Students To Have Unbeneficial

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Misusing technology will lead students to have unbeneficial advantages in their learning. Students can take disadvantages of technology which will not deliver benefit to students. Technology causes students to depend on information available online rather than information available in books. Bruyckere, Kirschner, and Casper mentions, “survey on the reading habits of some 2,000 adults and 700 children was conducted. The results revealed that one in five children hardly ever reads a book, one in three never reads a book, and one in 20 has never read a book. These figures support a perception that many people seem to have; namely, that young people and children don’t read anymore, and certainly not for pleasure.” (Bruyckere, Kirschner, and…show more content…
Constant change in attention from learning and using technology causes students to have a risk of causing damage to their brain. Interaction with technology can cause students to have the disadvantage of changing their focus constantly between learning and using technology causing students to have a hard time focusing on learning. Students will struggle to give their full attention in learning rather than giving full attention to using forms of technology, and will cause their brain to problems. Technology makes students to have a feeling of bound to information available on the internet. Turkle mentions, “If you 're having a conversation with someone in speech, and it 's not being tape-recorded, you can change your opinion, but on the Internet, it 's not like that. On the Internet it 's almost as if everything you say were being tape-recorded. You can 't say, "I changed my mind.”.” (Turkle, 60). Using technology restricts students from developing their own thoughts, as students just have to depend on the information present on the internet. Students have to rely on the information that is available on the websites, as the websites are the only information which limits them to the only information that they can use and they cannot extend their learning. Having access to technology does not allow students to think critically and develop their own ideas

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