Essay on Mitigating Disasters in Developing Countries

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The focus of this essay however will be on developing countries and the alternatives available to mitigate natural and man-made disasters that are available to policymakers. Developing countries are in general countries which have not achieved a significant degree of industrialization relative to their populations, and which have, in most cases a medium to low standard of living. There is a strong correlation between low income and high population growth In today’s globalized nation, countries are categorized either as a developed or developing nation. This form of categorization is based on the country’s social, political and economical status, that is, their earning powers, standard of living and their type of governance. In…show more content…
Most developing countries, especially the smaller states were once colonized by Western industrial states and hence, have felt the impact of exploitation and deprivation from their strong colonial powers; in fact, they are still governed with similar social, political, economical and cultural traits which up to today have a major influence on their social well-being. They rely relentlessly on these developed nations, hence the tardiness in their developmental process. One tend to get the feeling that there is some amount of inferiority among the citizens of developing countries as they have inherited what is termed a “dependency syndrome” still lagging among them. Because these developing countries are so poverty stricken, lack basic resources, proper governmental structures, a non-existence of rules and regulations and the lack of proper enforcement of policies, they tend to be more vulnerable to disasters. Disaster in this sense is an event, focused in time and space in which societies suffer extensive damages and injuries to property, natural landscape, infrastructure and massive loss of lives termed as natural and man-made disasters (McDonald, 2003). As a resultant from these disasters, prospect for future development are prevented and there is also
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