Mitigating Human Rights and Security Abuses

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The international community, although faced with many obstacles, can do more to improve how people are treated in situations where human rights abuses could be occurring. Abuses against human rights have occurred for a number of years, most notably against the Jews in World War Two. A modern example where both Human security and rights have been impeded upon is in the context of the ongoing Syrian conflict. War crimes are widely known to have been perpetrated by the Syrian government and the resulting violence has left millions of Syrians displaced. The international community has been alarmed at the seeming inaction of the United Nations in response to the Crisis and feel that the international community could be doing a lot more to…show more content…
While this is true, they were punished through forms of torture which is explicitly outlawed in the UN’s 1984 convention against torture. The Syrian governments’ violations of human rights impact upon the security of the Syrian people because being deprived of basic rights and freedoms places them at grave risk of violence and harsh punishment from the state. The conflict quickly escalated to a point where both sides have now been found guilty of committing war crimes such as torture and hostage taking. The extent to which human rights abuses have been occurring has alarmed the international community and has prompted condemnation from international organisations such as the UN and NATO. In spite of this condemnation however, little ground has actually been made in reducing human rights abuses in Syria and upholding the security of its people. What little action that has occurred includes Syria being convinced largely of the back of pressure from the US and Russia to adopt ratify the UN treat against chemical weapons which it did so in September 2013 The improvements made in Syria are minute though because rights breaches continue to occur in ways which hugely threaten human security. Approximately 9 million Syrians have been displaced from their homes in the wake of the civil war which has seen the government bomb towns where rebels were supposedly hiding out. The current situation in Syria has resulted in decreased security for its people which, in turn,
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