Mitochondrial Disease Research Paper

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Ameiya Pednekar 2 December 2016 Ms. Sappington Biology Honors Mitochondrial Disease The mitochondrion is known as the powerhouse of the cell. It is similar to the engine in a car. This organelle is known for giving the cell energy to function properly. The mitochondrion is the place where cellular respiration and many other processes, including protein translation, autophagy and oxidative phosphorylation occur. The damage of this vital organ would be distressing to the body. When the mitochondrion fails to produce enough energy or ATP (andesine triphosphate) to support the cell’s functions, this phenomenon is known as mitochondrial disease. Due to failure of critical physiological processes, a person inflicted with mitochondrial disease will have loose muscles, coordination issues, involuntary movement of the eyes, and the inability to exercise. Additionally, the individual will have poor growth and even neurological problems. Though quite rare, the disease is extremely dangerous. Mitochondrial disorders could be caused by mutations, person-to-person transmission, or even genetic inheritance. Mitochondrial…show more content…
Mitochondrial disease can prevent the cell from maintaining a sufficient level of ATP, which can result in necrosis. Another process mitochondrial disease disrupts is ovulation, the releasing of eggs, occurring in a female body. The disruption of this process is specifically known as atresia. Two basic biological processes the malicious disorder affects are protein translation and autophagy. Protein translation is the process where cells produce proteins that are instructed by DNA and RNA’s genetic code. Autophagy is a normal maintenance process where the cell digests its own components in contrast to releasing it as a waste product. When this genetic disorder takes over the body, it can cause serious
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