Mitsubishi Motors North America - Case Study

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Case Study
:-Mitsubishi Motors North America

Question :- (1:1)
What do you think Mitsubishi¡¦s philosophy might be regarding the role of strategic human resource management? Explain. Strategic human resource management process is very important to any organization in the present day context because it contributes to the organizations performance to a greater extent even on a highly volatile environment.

Any organization¡¦s existence and the survival in the short and long run will mainly depend on the right people being at the right positions in the right numbers.

Looking at the Mitsubishi¡¦s mission statement the following could be viewed as their philosophy.

¡§Our employees are the main contributing factor to our success and we make
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Question :- (3)
You¡¦re in charge of orienting new employees at the Mitsubishi Plant. Create a general out line of what your orientation programme would include. Orientation is a process of introducing a new employee to his or her job & to the organization. There are two types of orientation. Work unit orientation familiarizes the employee the goals of the work unit, clarifies how his or her job contributes to the unit¡¦s goals, & includes an introduction to his / her new co-workers. Organization orientation informs the new employee about the organization¡¦s objectives, history, philosophy, procedures & rules. This should include relevant human resources policies & benefits such as work hours, pay procedures, over time requirements, and fringe benefits. In addition, a tour of the organization¡¦s work facilities is often part of the organization orientation.

The orientation programme of Mitsubishi Motors could break into three stages.

1. New Employee Orientation: First Day
2. New Employee Orientation: First Month
3. Feed back

New Employee Orientation: First Day

This checklist aims to help the manager conduct an effective orientation to the new employee on his/her first day of work.

ľ Introduce new hire to department staff.
ľ Tour of department & explanation of organizational structure at

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