Mix It Up ! By Herve Tullet: Book Analysis

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The book that I choose to do my read aloud of is titled Mix It Up! by Herve Tullet. This interactive story is about mixing primary colors to make secondary colors. For example, when the primary colors of blue and red are mixed together, the secondary color of purple is created. Similarly, by mixing blue and yellow together, green is made. In addition to students learning about the primary and secondary colors, they also learn that white paint can be added to any color to make it lighter. In contrast, if black is added to the colors, they become darker. I chose this book because I like how the students can easily interact with the text and feel like they are part of the “mixing experience.” I also liked how this book appeals to all the different…show more content…
The book itself contained many questions for students to respond to. In addition to these questions found in the book, I asked students questions to activate and assess their prior knowledge. Some of the questions that are found in the book include “are you ready?” “what do you think will happen?” and “can you remember that?” These questions make it easy for the teacher because the text already includes questions that engage the students. Unlike my prior experience with this book being read aloud, I believe that student engagement and interaction is vital during any read aloud with younger students. The students will interact with the text by taking turns and doing what the text prompts them to do. All the students were very eager to respond to the questions and interact with the text. My plan for extending this reading experience for the listeners is to have them mix the colors by hand. After the read aloud, I would tell the students that now we will be mixing our own colors! While the students are still on the rug, I would give them the instructions. Students will be given a piece of paper titled “My Personal Color Palette.” They will use this sheet to mix their own colors and give their new colors a name. Due to the lack of time, I was not able to do this activity with the
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