Mixed Ability Group Analysis

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Reading is the basis of learning. Much of what we do in our daily lives involves reading, whether in a classroom setting or in the real world. Since reading is such an important aspect in our society, there is a great emphasis placed on literacy and reading in the classroom curriculum today. The United States is ranked much lower than other developed countries, based on standardized tests given internationally (International Comparisons of Achievement, 2016). In efforts to improve this ranking there has been discussion of how to go about teaching reading. The idea of how to best teach reading to students has become a controversial topic among educators. The effects of reading ability group types have become a highly considered and researched…show more content…
San Diego State University in California, USA conducted a study from the views of two struggling readers to find the interaction in mixed level reading groups. The study followed two students who were at a low performance in their reading ability to see how the interactions for these students are in a mixed level group. The results of this study show that it was the child's interaction in the group that contributed to their improvement. The student who actively participated in the reading group was not singled out, and did well in the group, she was able to make improvements on her reading. However, the other student who was also below grade level when it came to reading did not actively participate. She then struggled in the group and did not make the improvements that the other participant did (Poole…show more content…
A study from Emory University examines reading groups, student placement, and the importance of the teacher being able to meet the needs of students. The data was analyzed from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Kindergarten Cohort (ECLS-K) with a sample size of 13,625 first graders and 13,010 third grade. These groups of student data were chosen because they had not missed any of the three data wave collections. The data collected on these students was about their reading skills and taken on the IRT scale (Item Response Theory). The teachers were sent a questionnaire asking about their grouping of students. They had to answer how many ability groupings they had (non-grouped, lowest group, middle group, or highest group). The students in the low, middle, and high level were then compared to a control group of students whose teachers do not do group students by ability at all. In this study the major finding was that those who are placed in a lower ability group have less achievement and even significantly less achievement than those were not placed at all but would have been placed in the low ability group. Students in the middle group seemed to have mixed results. In the first-grade data, there was not much of an effect and in third grade there was a positive effect. Being placed in the high ranked reading group had the most improvement. This is
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