Mixed Martial Arts

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Mixed martial arts is one of the most demanding sports you will ever do. It requires elite athleticism coupled with an endless number of skills to master as part of your MMA training. Endurance Fighting 3-5, 5 minute rounds, the sport demands high levels of endurance from an athlete who is required to perform his lethal best from bell to bell. In an era of high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) and Tabata protocols, endurance is an often overlooked aspect of MMA training, but probably one of the most essential. By endurance training we are talking about aerobic capacity, and this is developed by roadwork, swimming, bike riding or triathlons. These are just some suggestions, but any activity performed at a 120-150 bpm range will develop…show more content…
Regardless of which disciplines you chose to incorporate into your own style, you will have to pay particular attention to three key parts of the sport - the striking, the grappling, and the submissions. All fights start standing, and often end there. You will need to develop skill in striking, be able to deliver knockout blows, and have proficient footwork and hand speed to control the fight and throw combos at your opponent. Two of the best striking arts directly applicable to MMA are Muay Thai and boxing - which often form the basis of most MMA fighters' striking skills. Some also incorporate taekwondo in order to develop a less predictable striking style. Grappling is also essential, and probably the most dominant discipline in the sport. You must control your opponent's body at all times, be able to fight in the clinch, control him up against the cage and on the ground. The best skills for this are wrestling - both freestyle and Greco-Roman, as well as judo and Russian sambo. These skills allow you to take your fighter to the ground if you want, or prevent him taking you down if you prefer to fight
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