Mixed Method Research Methods Essay

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The researcher will employ a mixed method research method to study the effects of maltreatment and how those maltreatments correlate with psychosocial behaviors. The author has chosen this method because she wants to explore internal and external behaviors of children who have experienced childhood trauma, also the researcher has personal reasons to explore this population. This method of research is more appropriate to get a clear picture of how the trauma experienced by children impacts their behaviors, in a mixed method research design, we use open-ended questions and surveys to really understand the problems associated with childhood trauma. Childhood trauma can be caused by a number of things, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, psychological abuse, or witnessing domestic violence. Human Behavior is a complex topic without simple answers and solution, therefore, the researcher chose to use a mixed method research design . The advantages of choosing this method include increasing the understanding of this complex problem that involves many social dynamics, we cannot simply add numerical values to these problems without some…show more content…
Other limitations may include location- a child who had experienced these forms of maltreatment and lives in a difficult neighborhood may experience more severe behaviors than children who live in affluent neighborhood. Previous sociological research suggests that people with higher socioeconomic status are less likely reported for domestic disputes, so abuse can go unreported more often, which would mean our sample may include more children from less affluent families who may live in poverty. The data may be harder to collect considering the sensitive nature of this study and the confidentiality
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