Mixed Methodology in the Field of Educational Research Essay

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"With the development and perceived legitimacy of both qualitative and quantitative research in social and human sciences, mixed methods research, employing the combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches, has gained popularity." (Creswell, p. 203). Describe the development of mixed methodology in educational research. Discuss the steps that need to be taken to develop a viable mixed methods research study.
Evaluate and justify the appropriateness of a mixed methodology research design for a study regarding teacher's and administrator's understanding, perceptions and experiences with homeless children.


Creswell, J. W. (2009). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods
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Quantitative research is considered to be the use of numbers. In the use of a quantitative study, the researcher test objective theories by examining the conjunction among variables. The variables used can be measured on instruments, so that numbered data can be used and analyzed (Creswell, 2008). Qualitative research is mainly used to explore and understand human or social problems. The process of qualitative studies includes questions and procedures; and the data is collected byway of participant’s settings. It allows the researcher to study an issue in great detail and depth, as well as not allowing data collection to be constrained by predetermined data. Mixed methods research combines quantitative and qualitative methods and it involves philosophical assumptions. This form of study includes collecting and analyzing data from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. It is believed that mixed methods research is a great method for practicing researchers who would like to bridge the schism between quantitative and qualitative research (Onwuegbuzie & Leech, 2004a). Even though these methods are different, they all involve philosophical assumptions and distinct methods or procedures (Cresswell, 2009). For many years, researchers used two forms of research paradigms, which were quantitative and
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