Mixed Methods Research Study

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This article was about a mixed methods research study that focused on elementary school children with emotional and behavior problems engagement in a gardening group counseling experience. The article itself did not list a hypothesis but was clear that the expectation was that gardening group counseling would help children with emotional and behavior problems develop healthy self-esteem, learn positive coping skills, develop social skills and acquire skills in self-regulation. The sample population was thirty-three students, data was only taking from thirty-one students because two students had biased responding and repeated absences, who all attended the same school in the southeastern part of the county. The students ranged in age five to twelve and grades kindergarten to fifth-grade. Five of the students were female and twenty-six were males. Racially wise twenty-two were Black followed by seven White, one Hispanic, and one other.
The intervention itself consisted of a six week group that met twice a week for thirty to forty. The groups were broken up into six smaller groups with five to six children covering two grade levels. Data was collected through a completion of a pretest and post test using a
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It seemed to cover a variety of items pertaining to gardening group counseling experience. Strengths in this article included the focus on breaking down the six week program and explain what exactly was worked on and completed in each session. This breakdown is really helpful for replication of this gardening group counseling experience in the future. An additional strength was the incorporation of the Qualitative section of the study. This section analyzed the students drawing to obtain the students perspectives about the group experience. This gave young students an opportunity to conceptualize what they learned in group as well as express their feelings and thoughts without having to verbalize
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