Mixed Relationship Offers Diversity By Holly Nall

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Everyone wants a partner who takes care and can do anything for him or her. Many times we see that people marry a different person in respect to their culture, race, religion, age, etc., and people wonder that why they marry or are in a relationship with different people. This has been explained in an article “Mixed relationship offers diversity “by Holly Nall. In the article Nall relates the diversity by her personal experience about her relationship. She also raised some points about the benefits of being in a relationship with different people. For example, one can learn about their culture, religion, etc. She presents her point of view mainly in pathos, but also some part of logos and ethos. This is merely significant as Nall wanted her readers to think deeply about society and marriages. Everyone can relate marriage and diversity with themselves .But college students can relate it the most, as students meet different people around the world in the college. They learn a lot from each other like their religion, culture, food, etc. College students are well educated and ready to learn and tackle the new face of life. They are being prepared to achieve their goal in life. Many times college students get into relationships with people who are different from them. And they wonder what are its pro and cons to be in a relationship who is opposite of someone. Being in a relationship with someone who is opposite of you can lead to many problems like parent’s expectation, society

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