Essay about Mixed Up and Matched Up

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The next day Elizabeth decided that she was going out to find Discord. She said goodbye to her family and headed out. She made it to Equestria and looked around for Discord. Twilight Sparkle saw Elizabeth and yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE STAR CLASH.YOU DON'T BELONG HERE,' 'I'm looking for Discord,' 'IF YOU THINK YOU CAN WALK IN HERE AND TURN DISCORD BACK TO EVIL YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMING,' 'can I speak to Discord please," Twilight stopped and lowered her voice, "what did you say,' 'can I speak to Discord please,' 'ok I am sorry, but it sounded like you asked and nicely to,' 'I did ask now please let me talk to Discord," Twilight shook her head in disbelief, 'ok who are you and what have you done to Star Clash,' 'Twilight I don't…show more content…
I remember when that was all he would do. Always trying to out rank your grandpa Goku,' 'he is my grandpa, ' 'don't worry you'll get use to it,' 'who are you,' ' my name is Crystel that man is my husband,' 'oh, your my grandma, ' 'yes, but get your sleep,' 'I can't I'm up now no use trying to go back to sleep," Crystel shook her head and a guard comes in, "Princess Elizabeth there is a man outside who wishes to speak to you," Elizabeth walkes to where the man is, "Dakin what you doing here,' 'Discord told me you live here now so I wanted to visit," Dakin and Elizabeth go way back. Back to 5 hundred years ago. Dakin is only 512 years now but Elizabeth still hangs out with him, "ok well I better get going bye,' 'bye," Dakin gets up and walkes away, "ok now that was dull,"Elizabeth heads into the kitchen, "excuse me sir but can you make me Just some apple cider please,' 'yes ma'am," the chef gets done with the apple cider, "here you go ma'am,' 'thanks,' Elizabeth takes a sip of the apple cider and spit it back out, "what is the stuff you call this apple cider,' 'sorry ma'am,' 'let me show you how to make apple cider the proper way," Elizabeth shows the chef
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