Mkt 113: Final Project Part I Milestone Two Essay

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MKT 113: Final Project Part I Milestone Two Mother Natures' All-Organic Pet Food Brett M. Chrestman Southern New Hampshire University The company is opening an independent pet store and they want to market an all-natural pet food called, "Mother Natures' All-Organic Pet Food". They want to make sure they market the product to the best of their ability to maximize profits and deliver customers a product they can justify the expensive price. It delivers what they promise unlike a majority of the competitors. Most of them offer a semi-organic pet food, but even those contain harmful impurities in them. The food comes from ALL-NATURAL organic food that Mother Nature put here for us to utilize to the best of our ability, which…show more content…
This specific segment has the wealthiest standard of living in America. They buy expensive cars and vacation in exotic places around the world. Also, this area is a haven for empty-nesting couples over the age of 55. Data has shown that these elderly couples without kids have pets and tend to spend a great deal of money on them as well. No other market segment has a higher concentration of residents earning over $100,000 a year and possessing a postgraduate degree. The product will be sold at the store in Little Rock, Arkansas, focusing on the zip code 72212. Considering the small size of my city, the geographic segment will focus on those individuals that live in the suburban neighborhoods in the area. Most of the people in this area are millionaires in their mid-50s without children so they treat their pets like they would their children because they consider them an extension of their family. Since these individuals love their pets much like they would their family members they will spend a great deal of money on them to ensure they have the proper care and treatment. This will hold especially true when it comes to their pet food. From my personal experiences, wealthy individuals have a tendency to purchase the most expensive items on the shelves for the simple fact they think it is better than all the rest. Needless to say, they will not have an issue paying expensive prices for an all-natural pet

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