Mkt 310 Week 5 Midterm Exam

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MKT 310 Week 5 Midterm Exam Click Link Below To Buy: Or Visit MKT 310 Week 5 Midterm Exam 1) Using intuition, continuing what was done before, and copying a successful competitor’s strategy are examples of ________.
A) retail strategies based on nonsystematic research
B) creative problem solving
C) the marketing concept applied to retailing
D) executive judgment
2) An example of nonsystematic research in retailing, relating to the effect of a price rise on projected sales, is ________.
A) evaluating sales of sweaters at different price levels in prior years
B) developing an educated “guess” as to demand for sweaters based on current
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A) secondary data
B) primary data
C) marketing research data
D) marketing information systems data
15) Secondary data can be further broken down into ________ and ________ data.
A) probability; nonprobability
B) internal; external
C) survey; experiments
D) primary; tertiary
16) Data generated through surveys, observation, experiments, and simulation to address the specific problem or issue under study are ________ data.
A) primary
B) secondary
C) marketing information systems
D) marketing research
17) A major advantage of secondary data is the ________.
A) fit with the research topic to be studied
B) immediate availability of data for analysis
C) ability to control the use of questions and the sequence of questions
D) known source and control over data collection
18) A major disadvantage of the use of secondary data is ________.
A) its high cost of data collection
B) its lack of a representative sample
C) that data may be categorized in an unusable fashion
D) its difficulty in tabulation
19) An example of internal secondary data is ________.
A) a new market research study conducted by an independent market research company
B) a new market research study conducted by the firm’s market research department
C) a retailer’s profit-and-loss statements
D) annual reports of competitors
20) An example of external secondary data is ________.
A) a new market research study conducted by an

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