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Defining Marketing Paper Marketing 421 Defining Marketing Paper To answer the premise of the paper, ‘Defining Marketing’ a definition of marketing is a proper beginning for consideration. My personal definition of marketing is the concept or premise of a function in which products, goods or services are transferred to a consumer or client by a producer or seller. Other definitions exist to describe marketing aside from the prior definition. Marketing has been described as, “A management process identifying, anticipating and supplying client or consumer requirements with efficiency and profitability.” (Tutor2U, 2010) In that same article marketing is described as “human activities that are directed at facilitating and…show more content…
The use of these practices helps the Verizon organizational structure through strategic business goals including employee development, diversity awareness, and recruitment. (Verizon, 2010) Another company that has demonstrated consistently to employees and stakeholders, honest and fair business practices resulting in significant organizational success is Dole Food Company. The Dole name is one often associated with high quality and nutrition for fresh cut flowers, vegetables and, fruit. Dole also markets a line of packaged and frozen foods and serves as a leader in the industry for nutrition education and research. (Murdock, 2008) Dole Foods underwent a two-year research and redevelopment program for the Dole Fresh Vegetable product line. (Dole, 2008) Dole’s willingness to share knowledge publicly, invest in new technology, fight food born disease, are all public benefits derived from their ethical leadership. Dole’s financial stewardship and social responsibility underscores the fact that the company is both ethical and profitable. In business, there is more to being successful and achieving organizational success than having products or services at reasonable prices. Many companies underuse marketing as one of their business functions. Alternatively there are many companies that have been successful because of the effective use of

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