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1) Big Fizz Co., a manufacturer of cola-flavored drinks, wants to add packaged fruit juices to its existing product line. Big Fizz must make some decisions regarding packaging and branding the fruit juices. These decisions would fall under which variable of the marketing mix? A. Product B. Place C. Promotion D. Price 2) Hewlett-Packard sells personal computers through specialty computer stores, electronics superstores, and its own Internet site. What is the marketing mix variable that is being considered here? A. Price B. Promotion C. Product D. Place 3) Marketing strategy planners should recognize that: A. target markets should not be large and spread out B. mass marketing is often very effective and desirable C.…show more content…
B. Shopping products are those products for which customers usually want to use routinized buying behavior. C. Specialty products are those that customers usually are least willing to search for. D. Unsought products are not shopped for at all. 14) The attitudes and behavior patterns of consumers making a purchasing decision are part of the A. political environment B. social and cultural environment C. competitive environment D. firm 's resources and objectives 15) The observing method in marketing research A. uses personal interviews B. may require customers to change their normal shopping behavior C. is used to gather data without consumers being influenced by the process D. is not suitable for obtaining primary data 16) The first step in market segmentation should be A. deciding what new product you could develop B. evaluating what segments you currently serve C. finding a demographic group likely to use your products D. defining some broad product-markets where you may be able to operate profitably 17) The product life cycle A. describes the stages a new product idea goes through from beginning to end B. has three major stages C. applies to categories or types of products as opposed to brands D. shows that sales and profits tend to move together over time 18) Which of the following is one of the product life cycle stages? A. Market analysis B. Market growth C. Market feedback D. Market

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