Mkt/421 Week 1

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Marketing Mix Paper Ricky Koya MKT/421 May 04th, 2013 Kevin Maevers Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. Starbucks has lived up to that motto each and every year and with such great numbers and great feedback the company keeps on growing in the right direction. Starbucks is well known around the world for delivering fast, efficient coffee in all forms. From their frappachino’s, to their brew coffee and ice tea they are definitely the set example that other company’s in their area follow. They live by six principles that they practice each and every day they represent there coffee which has always been there passion to deliver…show more content…
For true profitability you probably want to offer this product everywhere depending on what product it is and which customers it caters too. For example at Starbuck’s they offer there products all over for the most part, you can find retail bag’s of coffee at grocery store’s, find there bottled beverages at convince mark’s and whether you go to the mall, bookstore or grocery mart they have a little café that serves Starbuck 's products. Starbuck’s caters to the guest’s giving them several options and several place’s to buy their products. Price is defined as “The value that will purchase a finite quality, weight or other measure of a good or service” (Business Dictonary). When growing up your parents always said, this is too much money so you wouldn’t be able to get that candy bar or video game because the price of the product was too high. Whether this be because of high price the person that made this product had to out some research into the idea of how much they should sell this product for, how much profitability am I making at the end of the day after all deductions are taken out. The price is what set’s your product apart but a high price mean’s that you need to market the product very well to get people to buy it and build a quality product to get raving reviews. At Starbuck’s they always advertise giving you incentives and low prices. Summer time they do Ice Blended hour, which from 3 pm to 5 pm they offer their ice blended

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