Mkt 421 Week 2 Individual Assignment Essay

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Personal Branding Plan Jessica Cutcher MKT/421 November 30, 2015 Rebecca Robbins Introduction Getting oneself out on the market is the most important part of getting a new job. In order to do this, a person must market themselves. In order to properly market themselves, a potential candidate has to know the resources in which to present themselves as good employee material. It is always a good idea to have a plan in place of the places that employment is desired. Then research those companies and determine what the best way to present a resume is. It is always a good idea to research the companies to begin with in order to come to a good determination as to whether or not this…show more content…
After finishing the online application, I sent the HR Director my resume along with a cover letter and let them know that I also filled out my application online, and for what position and location I applied for. Another company that I researched that I wanted to work for is Poly One. This company makes and sell Polyurethane Resins for use in plastic tubing and other application that take plastic. I worked there as a temp several years ago and I enjoyed my time there. They have a very good compensation package, benefits, the company does things for the employees such as gives the employees’ yearly bonuses and every quarter each employee receives a check from BFI for recycling. Just like with Ford, their online application is long and you must know exactly what position it is you are looking for. I applied online and emailed my resume to the Director of Human Resources. Mittal Steel is the third company on my list. I already knew a little bit about this company because Mittal Steel in Cleveland, Ohio used to be LTV Steel, and I was employed with LTV Steel for close to ten years. I enjoyed working in the steel industry as a production planner, I wanted to re-visit the world of steel. I went to their website and found it difficult to find a location or position to apply for since there are literally thousands of online job postings. For this company, I looked up the name of the HR Manager, the General Manager, and the Materials

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