Mkt/421 Week 3 Individual Assignment- Marketing Research Analysis: Kudler Fine Foods

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Marketing Research Analysis: Kudler Fine Foods

Marketing Research Analysis: Kudler Fine Foods

Passionate about gourmet food and cooking, Kathy Kudler founded Kudler Fine Foods in 1998. Since then, Kathy’s store has successfully expanded into three locations in Del Mar, La Jolla, and Encinitas. Kudler Fine foods offer gourmet quality imported and domestic food products including bakery items, meat and sea food, produce, cheese and diary, and wine. The Kudler Fine Food operation is experiencing great success and opportunities for further growth are abound. Kathy is currently focusing on expanding her organization, and is seeking a suitable spot for her next shop. The Kudler Fine Foods mission
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Kathy’s fourth store will be opening in another area of the state, and so the consumer base that supports her other stores may not be present. Thus, step one and the definition of Kudler’s problem is that the company must research and define the potential market that will support the new store. Failure in doing so may result in an unprofitable store.

Step two of the marketing research process is analyzing the situation. “A situation analysis is an informal study of what information is already available in the problem area. (William D. Perreault, 2009).” Situation analysis often begins with quick research such as an internet search or informal conversation. Kudler Fine Foods can perform quick and informal research regarding an acceptable location for a new branch. This may include researching existing businesses and their clientele on the internet, or informal interactions with individuals who may have market insight into Kudler’s expansion. Useful secondary data may be available citing the success or failure of market competitors in the target area(s).

During stage three, Kudler Fine Foods would attempt to acquire problem specific data regarding their expansion. During data collection, the researcher attempts to learn what customers think or how they will behave regarding a specific topic. In relation to Kudler Fine Foods, acquiring primary data from

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