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Marketing Research: Kudler Fine Foods Susan Karr MKT 421 October 1, 2012 Ricci Rizzo Marketing Research: Kudler Fine Foods In order to succeed, it is fundamental that businesses satisfy consumers’ needs (and desires) for goods and services. Appropriate market research provides the data necessary to understand those needs and respond to them effectively and profitably. Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) has performed market research in the past. Some of that research has been helpful; some has not. Additional market research is needed for KFF to reach a larger share of the market and increase profitability. Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store. KFF sells meat, produce, cheese, and wine. They also provide catering services. KFF…show more content…
KFF believes quality and specialty items, especially new ones, are most important to its customers. Kudler Fine Foods has no direct competition with other gourmet grocery stores in their current locations. Kathy chose the locations for this reason and for their accessibility to KFF’s target high income consumers. KFF has been emphasizing direct mail promotions to high income zip codes, word-of-mouth advertising via satisfied customers, and personal sales promotions both in-store and at various community events. Although Kudler Fine Foods has chosen two very specific markets to target, a more thorough understanding of those target markets is needed to deliver what they want. One of KFF’s target markets is gourmands. KFF’s research focus in this area has been primarily on the supply side: Kathy monitors what products the competition is offering, what products are advertised in gourmet magazines, and what products are shown at gourmet conventions and websites. To discover what gourmands want, KFF also needs to research the demand side. Mining on-line blogs and gourmet food forums are two ways KFF can increase its understanding of what gourmands want. Customer surveys, such as the ones KFF currently uses in-store, can also be revised and used both in-store and on-line. Specific areas to be researched include: * What products do they want? * A changing selection of items or traditional items? * The newest items available or a

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