Mkt 421 Week 3 Marketing Strategy Paper

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Minnesota Micromotors Name Institution of affiliation Marketing Strategy for decisions in Quarter#1 The strategy was to offer low price in the market which led to setting the lower prices. Niche marketing was used in setting the prices to be offered for the different market segments. Products with market target specifications are availed. The low-cost strategy was applied to set up the budget of the firm. It would use the least possible production budget to cut the price of products. The combination of strategies assists in maintaining a key position in a market. Compete effectively with opponents. Results of Decisions Distributors are not happy about the price added onto the motors compile them also to do the same for…show more content…
This is because this is a kind of demand that comes about because one commodity is demanded and which is related to the second commodity and therefore it causes the second item to be demanded. The organizations selling their products to the other organizations should know that the demand for their products or services will vary depending on the demand for those goods or products for the organization that they sell to. This is important as the selling organization can know how to improve the demand for their products through promotion promoting the demand for the others organization’s products. This can be achieved by either selling quality products to the other organizations that will ensure that they produce standard products or services that meet the customers’ needs or even coming up with mechanisms to promote the demand for the other companies’ products. For example advertising for the other companies’ products, carrying out the market research for the other organizations or any other activity to boost the sales (Antonelli,
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