Mkt/421 Week 4 Individual Assignment

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Marketing /421 As a marketing manager for Cruiser Thorr who sells high end motorcycles. This organization is growing at a rapid pace. Indeed there is more structure needed to the marketing piece to sustain a successful business. Being that the industry of motorcycles is increasing annually. This organization must also work to satisfy the needs of their target customers. The organization must also work to differentiate themselves from other similar organizations as well. Key components in my opinion are the product uniqueness, safety, quality…show more content…
These surveys would ask questions to identify concerns and would work for them while riding one of their motorcycles. These are just personal attributes that would help to understand buyers views on our product of services. Then I would offer them to come in for a free ride and overview of the motorcycles that we are selling. Consequently, the pricing is a area that works to help the younger consumers. Personally I feel like this will not be and easy task, being that the younger age group are far more into new technology. As well as the overall look of the motorcycle. Therefore adding a little of each aspect to the design of the motorcycle would help convenience them to buy. Offering some incentives behind the purchase and a longer warranty can also help. The quality of engineering and the safety are other essential points that the marketing plan should include. These parameters are important for both age groups. Having certain extra safety features on the motorcycles can contribute to the need of the younger buyers. Because there funds are low there has to be consideration toward what is affordable. There are possibilities that parents might help to purchase. Within seeing the extra safety features on the car. Quality of engineering is important to the life of the motorcycle. Indeed this will assure the long lifespan and the quality put into all products sold by this organization. Your

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