Mkt 421 Week 5 Individual Essay

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Environmental Factors Affecting Marketing Decisions

June 10, 2011
University of Phoenix
Harry Derderian
MKT/421 Marketing

Environmental Factors Affecting Marketing Decisions Management is faced with many decisions when considering the environmental factors that affect marketing. This includes global economic interdependence, demographics, cultural differences, social responsibility, ethics, and technology. It is imperative for a company to understand how these factors can greatly affect the outcome of a company’s marketing plan. Today’s globalization of companies has led to an economic interdependence that influences the decisions that companies make. A global economic interdependent environment is when the economies of many
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PepsiCo often chooses to use locally grown food sources for producing its snacks which aides in profits, and helps the local economy. By understanding the demographics of the local economies, PepsiCo is not only helping its production, but also its marketing.
Cultural Differences Cultural differences between nations often require a company to have multiple marketing strategies. What may be acceptable in on country may not be acceptable in another country. The cultural differences require companies to develop marketing plans that are suitable for each individual culture. Not being aware of and understanding the cultural differences can create costly and embarrassing errors that may actually offend those in other countries. Cultural differences can affect the colors of products, the graphics used on packaging, and how the product is communicated to the foreign target market.
Social Responsibility
Every company has a responsibility to support the society it serves. This indicates that a company that wishes to truly thrive in a market should not just follow the business and consumer laws of the country but take an active interest in the community that it serves in each country. Today’s global market is led by companies that concern themselves with the sustainability of the company and its products, as well as the continual improvement of the
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