Mkt 421 Week 6 Personal Selling Process

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Personal Selling
PaperCo will be using territorial sales force structure in our selling process. We will be targeting on Klang Valley areas specifically large shopping mall. We will be focusing on Sunway Pyramid and MidValley Megamall. We will be hiring 5 person to promote at each mall of promotion and in total there will be 10 people in our sales force. By doing this it allows salesperson to build good relationship with customer within a certain territory and it will result in more effective selling. Focusing on only a few malls could reduce the travel time and so lesser travel expense to bare.
We will be recruiting current salespeople that have experience in this field as they know the market trend and the consumer expectation. Current salespeople tends to be more expertise in terms of persuading customer in buying our product as they have experience dealing with picky consumer better. This allows us to save time on training new salespeople as those current ones can learn faster. We will be posting jobs
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They are also required to write out report on problem faced when selling the product and figure out ways to improve their sales. There will be a supervisor in each location to keeping track on the salesperson performance. There is no specific working hour for salespeople but they are required to keep themselves up to date with all the current trend. We will also be using sales force automation system with the help of google sheet so that all the salesperson are aware of the available of stock and update the stock after each transaction is carried out. PaperCo will be motivating the salesperson using sales contest whereby the salesperson with highest sales would get to go for a free trip oversea fully sponsored by the company. We will be also carry out weekly sales meeting to discuss about the current sales and ways to increase sales as
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