Mkt 500: Enhancing the Marketing Plan Essay

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Enhancing the Marketing Plan
As part of the Impressions Salon & Spa’s marketing plan, the following sections provide details of the current market situation by analyzing: Competitors, strengths, and weaknesses; roles in the marketplace; plan to differentiate the business; environmental issues, and; the most significant trend that impacts the company.
The Company’s Competitors, and the Strengths and Weaknesses
A competitor’s capabilities can be analyzed according to its strengths and weaknesses in various functional areas. The competitor’s strength defines its capabilities (Competitor’s Resources and Capabilities, 2010). One common and useful technique is constructing a competitor array. The steps include:
• Determine who your
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• Our facility is designed to serve as a peaceful retreat to customers who want to escape the stress of their day.
• We offer a vast array of massages that focus on removing tension and stress.
• Our staff is well trained and friendly to all who grace our doorway. Our goal is to make our customers feel at home and to educate them on how best to improve your well being.
• We offer Impressions Gel Ampoule or Impressions Oil Ampoule to help rejuvenate your skin during our most popular facials.

Competition is a healthy and important part of doing business. It keeps everyone on their toes so to speak. Differentiating your business means defining your company in relationship to the competition. It means continuously making improvements and reinventing yourself. If you want to differentiate your business, you need to look at your business from your client’s point of view. By educating our clientele concerning the use of organic products that leave your skin and hair feeling vibrant and young, Impressions Salon & Spa has taken steps to set ourselves apart from our competitors. Some points of differentiation include: quality, performance and leadership, superior service, and customer support. Creating a differentiation strategy is to develop a Unique Selling Proposition. The Unique Selling Proposition is the biggest marketing weapon and is the key to differentiating your business from others like you.
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