Mkt 500- a Business Mkt Plan

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A Business Marketing Plan: Hunger Solution & Training Company
John Garven
Strayer University, Lower Bucks County
Dr. Tony Muscia
I n s t r u c t o r
MKT 500- Marketing Management
September 6, 2012

Introduction This paper contains a marketing plan of a small production company that is earmarked to be established in Gardnerville, the suburb of Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, my country of origin. The business which is to be named “Hunger Solution & Training Company” derived its name from the decade-long civil war that existed in Liberia that resulted into most of the citizens and other nationals of this country being internally displaced. These people which comprise of men, women, children, and other nationals,
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The Company will ensure that its product and training are essential to the needs of the Liberian consuming public as well as their manpower development. You will also read about the Company’s advertising strategy and how this approach will bring into line the Company’s marketing goals. It will be determined how effectively the advertising will be measured and how the different promotional strategies relevant to the Company advertising will be utilized. Further discussion will establish the best marketing research approach used to measure customer satisfaction with the Company’s product (cassava powder) and training service initiated to train farmer in implementing large-scale farming. It will be explained how gaps in customer expectations and experiences will be addressed by the marketing wing of the Company, using the high knowledge and proficiency of experienced and well-schooled people in marketing management.
Type of Product and its Primary Characteristics

This marketing plan will also engulf vision of the company, its mission statement, product and services, and underlying factor of the business. The plans will also contain a vivid description of the company in terms of its business product as well as SWOT analysis to demonstrate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A market target segmentation of customers, strategic mission, and its foreign expansion

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