Mkt 501 Case Study Module 1 Target Market Coach Handbags

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Target Market for Coach Handbags
When trying to define the specific target market for Coach handbags we first need to identify those who have a desire, financial means, are eligible and have the authority to make a purchase (Christ, 2008a). There are typically two main markets that Coach will need to look at and those are the individuals who will purchase at the full-price and then those that will only purchase at a discounted price. The full-price purchaser is around her mid thirties and is either single or newly married working-woman. Those that will only purchase at a discounted price is typically in her early- to mid-forties and is a professional mom with children who looks for function over fad. There is also a target to market to
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Quality and Brand of Coach Handbags
Coach is the manufacturer of a collection of handcrafted leather goods that are considered high in quality and unique in craftsmanship. Coach strives on their continued high standards that are required for the materials and workmanship that go into their handbags. The Coach brand is attributed their reputation and is considered one of the leading high-end handbag provider. The Coach brand is considered a “unique combination of their original American attitude and design, their heritage of fine leather goods and custom fabrics, their superior product quality and durability and commitment to customer service” (Coach Company Profile, n.d.). Coach has materialized as one of America's distinguished designers and manufacturer of fine handbags for women. The Coach brand has been developed over time from the signature styles and unique character that the handbags posses. (Corkindale, 2008).
Coach has a very strong brand image. They continue to gain new customers and because of devotion and loyalty they are able to keep repeat customers. Brand image can be considered everything to customers when searching for a handbag. Industries that manufacture handbags must be able to provide what is considered a “chic service”, while continuing a “thriving business” (Foster, 2006). Due to the brand image that Coach has they are able to introduce new and more risky handbags with the confidence that most current consumers will continue to purchase their

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