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MKT 505 Dr. Benjamin Bao 4/22/2012 MKT 505 Dr. Benjamin Bao 4/22/2012 By: Brandon Lamond Meadows By: Brandon Lamond Meadows ACER ANALYSIS ACER ANALYSIS ACER ANALYSIS Founded in Taiwan, Acer is a multinational manufacturer of electronics. They also happen to own the largest franchised personal computer retail chain that exists in Taipei, Taiwan. It is also the 3rd largest personal computer manufacturer in the world behind Hewlett Packard and Dell Incorporated. Their product line incorporates a variety of personal computer products including laptops, desktop systems, as well as servers and storage, peripherals, displays, e-business services for business, government, education, and even home users, and personal digital…show more content…
Typically, however, quoted paradoxical statements do not imply a real contradiction and the puzzling results can be rectified by demonstrating that one or more of the premises themselves are not really true, a play on words, faulty and/or cannot all be true together. That definition can be applied to the approach that Shih utilized for company. The premise of utilizing a local market in order to capture a global market seems uncanny to most. But Acer had the know-how to compete in the local sector because it has power among its global partners that works to its advantage. It has access to several key technologies, innovative outlets and possesses a economies of scale. Knowing the market also aids the company in being successful in the local arena. After strengthening its ties locally it is better equipped to capture more of the global market 3) Determine what strategies Acer can apply to become the world’s third largest PC company, behind Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Acer’s acquisitions have aided it in rising to become a very powerful player in the PC industry. According to, the company is benefiting from its $710 million purchase of Gateway, announced in August 2007. At the time of the deal, Gateway was the third-biggest PC brand in the U.S., and the purchase has helped Acer gain ground in a market that had long stymied the Taiwanese

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