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MKT 505 – International Marketing
This course reviews the organization for international marketing, foreign demand analysis, product development and policies, trade channels, promotion policies, pricing, and legal aspects. Emphasis is on development of effective international marketing strategy addressing the major global market areas (Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas).

Required Resources Keegan, W. J., & Green, M. C. (2011). Global marketing: 2011 custom edition (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall / Pearson. Supplemental Resources Colton, D.A., Roth, M.S. & Bearden, W.O. (2010). Drivers of international e-Tail performance: The complexities of orientations and resources.
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Be prepared to discuss Activities • • Discussions Evaluation • 3 • None Reading(s) o Chapter 4: Social and Cultural Environments o Chapter 5: The Political, Legal, and Regulatory Environments o Case 4-1 Disney Adapts to Cultural Differences e-Activity o Research the marketing mistakes that were made at Euro Disney. Be prepared to discuss. o Go to the Transparency International Website, located at, to review the global corruption Preparation 20

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MKT 505 – International Marketing links. Determine the pros and cons of doing business in countries that are recognized as being corruptive. Be prepared to discuss. Activities • Discussions Evaluation • 4 Case Study 1: Acer (Case 1-3) 20 280

Preparation Reading(s) o Chapter 6: Global Information Systems and Market Research o Chapter 7: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning o Case 6-1: Market Research Transforms Coach Activities • • Discussions

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