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STRAYER UNIVERSITY MARKETING PLAN FOR DEWI SITHA JEWELRY COLLECTION A MARKETING PLAN PRESENTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR MKT 500 – MARKETING MANAGEMENT BY (ECHO PUTRA I WAYAN HANDIKA) PRESENTED TO DR. JOEL NWAGBRARAOCHA WAHINGTON D.C. CAMPUS APRIL 19, 2011 This research plan was made to support introducing the product and service of Dewi Sitha for its business in Silver Jewelry. Dewi Sitha is based in Indonesia and has been in business since 1970. This company is still growing especially in these days where the price of gold is very high. The silver jewelry business is low on cost and high in margin. The retail markup on…show more content…
They use internet to research interesting shopping place, so that Dewi Sitha can promote online and youth can visits while traveling in the country. This youth usually buy jewelry as an accessory to complete their lifestyle. FAMILY MARKET (30-50): Family market has above average education and income. They tend to travel with travel agents. While Dewi Sitha has cooperation with several travel agents, the target market will be mostly to these people. A side from international customers, Indonesian customers in range of 30-50 has a high percentage when shopping for jewelry. They were driven by an experiential passion that goes far beyond the item's features and benefits. They buy jewelry based upon emotion, not reason. Conduct a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and treats) analysis for the company. Dewi Sitha is a jeweler and silver specialty retailer. The merchandise offerings include jewelry, sterling silverware and accessories. Dewi Sitha has adopted multiple direct distribution channels. This strategy has enabled the company to emerge as a prominent player in the jewelry and specialty retailer segment. However, as counterfeit trade increases, the company stands to lose its brand equity. Besides, it may also result in customer dissatisfaction, which will also be detrimental for the company’s image.

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