Mkt 571 Communications Plan

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Communications Plan MKT/571 March 21, 2011 Communications Plan The importance of developing an integrated marketing communications plan has become even more important in the modern era. With so many different touch points, or ways that a prospect can experience a company 's message or advertisement, it is important that the message be clear and consistent (Business Training Schools, 2011). Developing the proper lines of communication, especially with a new product is vital to a company. In this paper Team C will evaluate factors involved in developing and managing an effective marketing communications plan. We will also discuss advertising and promotion programs. Technology trends available to help market the product is…show more content…
In the case of real-time analysis dashboards have become very popular over the past five years they provide a view of key metrics to allow management by exception. Where post transaction data is being analyzed, data warehousing provides the ideal methodology for enhanced forecasting from the data. This also allows the ability to look for improvements in the supply chain, operations, and marketing to adjust processes and refine a message for marketing as part of a continuous improvement program. Marketing Communication Strategies Domestic Marketing Domestic marketing consists of four guiding principles that include Knowledge Based Promotion. This principle ensures that the product gets promoted in the marketplace where the message is directed to the appropriate audience, communicates a competitive advantage as well ensuring it will last over time. The second principle is Building Loyalty. This principle ensures that marketers put their product where it is not overshadowed by the alternatives and the influences of fashion trends are reduced. The third principle is Parameters Not Formulas. This principle ensures that every product is unique and is targeted to a specific audience. The fourth principle, Meeting the Genuine need, focuses on the customer to ensure his or her
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