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Company G 3-Year Marketing Plan Student Name: Student ID: Date: Mentor Name: Rated 3.75 out of 4 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Mission Statement 2 The Product 2 Consumer Product Classification 3 Target Market 3 Competitive Situation Analysis 3 Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model 3 SWOT Analysis 4 Strengths 4 Weaknesses 4 Opportunities 5 Threats 5 Market Objectives 6 Product objective 6 Price objective 6 Place objective 6 Promotion objective 6 Market Strategies 7 Product Strategies 7 Price Strategies 7 Place Strategies 7 Promotion Strategies 8 Tactics and Action Plan 8 Product Action Plan 8 Price Action Plan 9 Place Action Plan 9 Promotion Action Plan 10 Monitoring Procedures…show more content…
Additionally it should be considered with a sub-classification of unsought products. The XG Wi-Fi Gateway extends the functionality and security of modern router, thus the separate, pre-purchase of a router is required. Consumers have ample information available to make decisions regarding purchase decisions for routers; however, they have limited knowledge of the XG Wi-Fi Gateway peripheral or add-on. Consumers will require education and persuasion during the buying process. This is seen as a unique product, currently, there are no other devices or substitutes that offer the functionality of the XG Wi-Fi Gateway. Target Market Majority of our consumers will be males, head of household age 25-54, in a home with a wireless router. The household has multiple computers, smart phones or tablets. Our consumer expresses interest in electronic gadgets and considers themselves to be a “tech savvy” buyer. The target consumer is conscious about online security threats and has purchased or upgraded anti-virus software in the last 24 months. Our shopper is engaged with online social networks and media with most news delivered to the household digitally. Purchases of electronic products are heavily influenced by the favorable opinions and reviews from friends and colleagues. They are also strongly influenced by negative reviews of products by tech blogs and consumer

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