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Marketing Plan Worksheet
This worksheet is a complement to the study guide for both the MKT1. The purpose of this worksheet is to help you think about and apply important marketing concepts to Company G. By working through the exercises and matrices introduced in this worksheet (Section A, Section B, and Section C), you are laying the foundation for your marketing plan required in this assessment. This worksheet should be completed before you write your Marketing Plan, for which a template is provided.

SECTION A – Product and Target Market
The purpose of this exercise is to help you define and classify your chosen product, and define a specific target market. What a product is, how it supports the company mission, and how it fits
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The target market is generally the most lucrative choice from among different market segments – each segment being identifiable, measurable, sizable, reachable. For best results, include a fair amount of demographic information (income range, education level, family situation, etc.).
Example: Coyotes, located in desert regions of the U.S., seeking revenge against roadrunners, and making more than $25K annually.
Target Market

SECTION B – Market Analysis
The purpose of this exercise is to provide a framework for you to analyze the marketing environments and opportunities for Company G. These analyses provide the rationale for the decisions you make regarding your marketing strategies.
Porter’s 5-Forces Model: A method for examining the competitive environment for a company or industry. It specifies and evaluates threats from new entrants, suppliers, buyers, and substitutes in the arena of competition.
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SWOT Analysis: A tool for examining a company and its environment. Defines the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
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List forces that may threaten Company G’s success as it moves forward with marketing its product.

List Company G’s strengths,

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