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Segmenting, Targeting, Differentiation and Positioning of

Segmenting, Targeting, Differentiation and Positioning of Nando’s
Course: Marketing Management

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19th August, 2013
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August 19, 2013
Mahmud Zubayer
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Its core product is made from the freshest A-grade butterfly cut chicken, marinated for 24-hours and with excess fat trimmed off. It also prides itself on only serving food with no added colour, flavour, additives or MSG.
In this report we have discussed about how Nando’s uses marketing segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy.
Here we have discussed how Nando’s plans and uses diverse strategies to segment the market(Major segmentation variables for consumer market, requirements for effective segmentation), target each of the segmented market(Evaluating and selecting market segmentation) and differentiation and positioning (Positioning maps, possible value differentiation, choosing the right competitive advantages, selecting an overall positioning strategy and developing a positioning statement).Finally we have discussed about marketing mix.

Introduction About Nando’s: History
The Portuguese settlers to Mozambique were introduced to pili pili chili by the African Mozambicans who had incorporated it in their cuisine. The term 'pili pili' is Swahili for 'pepper pepper'. The settlers began to use piri piri in their own daily cooking. The restaurant has its origins in a mining town in South Africa, where many Mozambicans of Portuguese origins relocated to Johannesburg in search of gold and carried piri piri recipes to South Africa. Industries catering to the mining communities began to grow in Rosettenville, including
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