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Marketing Mix Paper Brian Morales MKT 421 October 15, 2012 Kim Houseman Marketing Mix Paper Nowadays, for a company to be successful in the business world one must have a good marketing plan to be successful. One way to accomplish a successful business plan is to use something known as the marketing mix or the four P’s of marketing. These four P’s of marketing are known as the product, place, price, and promotion. If one uses these four P’s one will notice that each of these cover their own part in marketing, which will help make a successful marketing plan. In this paper one will see what each of these four P’s are in marketing. Also one will see how each of these four P’s is used in the marketing plan for Dutch Bros Coffee. To…show more content…
The reason for speed is the company is a drive through coffee shop so the company wants to make sure that the speed is up to par of a drive through company. On top of the main product that the company sells the company also sells other product through certain stores or the Internet. These products vary from clothing supplies as well as accessories. The second P of the marketing mix is the price. The price is the part where the company dictates the price of the product to be sold to the customers (Quick MBA, 2010). This price is made from many variables, such as the price of the products needed to make the final product (Quick MBA, 2010). Also the price can be dictated because of the competitors pricing (Quick MBA, 2010). In the case of Dutch Bros coffee, the drinks vary from small, medium, and large. The prices for each of these sizes are $4.25 for a small, $4.75 for a medium, and $5.25 for a large (Dutch Bros Coffee, 2012). These prices do include the tax as well. The idea that these prices have the tax included is a nice idea because it makes it easier to collect payment as well as customers will not be getting much change. Compared to the competitors these prices are very competitive. Each of these prices changes over time but try to stay competitive with the competitors out in the coffee atmosphere. The third P of the marketing mix is the place. The place of the marketing mix is the place where the company or companies are to be found for distribution (Quick

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