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Company Introduction, Market Segmentation, and Product Positioning
Tavis Goins
Dr. Adina Scruggs
Marketing management 500
July 16, 2013

Couture Candy is a self-owned bakery and candy shop in Jackson, MS that dedicates its business in creating beautiful and delicious unique cakes, dessert bars and custom candy. Couture Candy has been appreciating and serving its objective market since 2009 with its pioneering notion of designing extreme wedding Cakes and making custom gifts out of imprinted candy covered fruit. We create our fruit arrangements mixing the idea of a fruit basket with development motivated by the floral industry. We aim to set a high standard in the wedding cake industry by providing intricate designs and gourmet
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Couture Candy provides such a wide variety of edibles just about anyone can find some occasion that Couture Candy would be special for. Marketing Segment
Most market segments are the techniques used to attract the right customer. The object of market segmentation is to reduce the risk in deciding where, when, how and whom the product and service is marketed to. (Pine, 1992). Market segmentation splits the buyers into groups with similar needs and wants to best utilize a business’s marketing strategy. Couture Candy’s marketing segment would be an Occasional market segment also blurring lines with a Mass customization segment. Couture Candy would largely fit into the marketing segment of Special Occasions. Many of the products we provide and decorate would be for seasonal events such as holiday themed cookies or rare occasions in people’s lives like weddings. Creating multiple products to satisfy multiple marketing segments is an effective strategy when it serves the customer needs better, does not reduce the quality of goods, and adds to the sales revenue and profits of a business (Pine, 1992). In a mass customization segment, goods are tailored to the taste of individual customers. Mass customization is cake bakers approach to build to order (BTO) manufacturing. This is manufacturing a product only when there is an order from a customer. Couture Candy
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