Mktg 2010 Marketing Research Anaylsis Report

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------------------------------------------------- NBN Marketing Research analysis Report ------------------------------------------------- NBN Marketing Research analysis Report Contents Page Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Qualitative analysis 4 Identification of Themes 4 Appearance 4 Use of evidence for appearance 4 Verification 5 Depicting real life behaviour 5 Use of evidence for depicting real life behaviour 5 Verification 6 Data Display 6 Quantitative Analysis 7 Respondent Profile 7 MRO 1 7 Test of relationship 7 Conclusion 7 MRO 2 7 Test of difference 7 Conclusion 8 MRO 3 8 Test of relationship 8 Conclusion 8 MRO 4 8 Test of relationship 8 Conclusion 8…show more content…
Others however, felt that ordinary people should consist of reality TV programs. These findings indicate that there is a large gap in the appearance of contestants in Reality TV shows. Some of the negative comments made were: * “Contestants carefully selected” to fit the idea of getting good ratings * “Girls all look good” to attract male viewers * “Pretty faces” to attract male viewers * “Guys are handsome, pleasant” to attract female viewers * “Don’t seem to be the ordinary people that we meet in the everyday life” * “All very good looking” * “look for someone that they know will look good in front of cameras” * “can entertain audiences” for high rating purposes * “Do not fit the profile they are looking for” which states that they are looking for people who are with high physical attractiveness * “cover of magazines” However some comments feel that appearance is not as important: * “ordinary people” are better for entertainment value Verification One study has shown good responses to a reality program relating to cosmetic surgery. Results indicated that the participants viewed the program positively and endorsed the importance of physical attractiveness. They also believed the psychological benefits and entertainment value it can bring to the reality TV show (Charlotte N, 2012). This proves that physical appearance does

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